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Download iTools 4 - iTools is the best all in one solution for iOS management when iTunes happens to meet the user with some complications.

  • Ringtone Maker

    iTools 4 Ringtone Maker is more attention winning which we not find in iTunes.

  • Media Management

    Easier file transferring from PC to device.

  • Backup and Restores

    iTools promises for complete and safe backup of the data also with super restore assistance.

  • iTools Battery Master

    Exclusive battery master feature optimized to take the best benefit of the battery life.

  • iTools File Manger

    iTools 4 exclusive file manager is here helpful to arrange, manage and organize all of your files.

  • iTools AirPlayer

    AirPlayer you can enjoy an immense screen experience connecting either iTools 4 Windows or Mac.

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Why do we choose iTools 4?


iTools 4 download tool is really easy to use. User friendly interface and most of task can complete in one click.

Media Manager

iTools 4 can transfer files in between PC and iDevice. Such as images, videos, movies, text documents, audios, PDF, iTunes music, podcasts etc

Compatible with iDevices

Fully support for iOS 11 and iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus/ Windows 10 / Mac.

Unique Features of iTools 4

iTools 4 has a lot to fall in love with. So here I pick you some of the highlighting to make you aware why you need all in one solution for the whole iPhone, iPad and iPod Management.

iTools 4 download

iTools Data Migration

There are times you need migrating your data from the older to newest iPhone. And it is also possible you are switching from Android to iOS and now in the need of taking all data safely. So turn iTools 4 which is fully helpful in getting all data migration with support of a wide file formats like images, audio files, PDFs, video and etc either through iTools 4 Mac or Windows.

Super Backup and Restore assistant

To keep your important data you need backups in many of the situations. So iTools here gives the best support in super backups also with the reliable promise of restores. All you need doing is select the files to backup and move to the option with a one click. Most notable you can try application backups too following the same processing.

iTools AirPlayer

Having iTools lets you enjoy a vast screen experience. In fact, you can either use latest iTools 4 Windows or Mac and play games, watch movies, videos, view documents on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. That process through the iTools AirPlayer which also lets you share your screen experience with all you love.

iTools Battery Management Feature

The software iTools offers an exclusive battery management option as a way to preserve your battery to the best. It will let you know the battery status, temperature of the battery, boot voltage, actual capacity it counts, battery SN value, current voltage, charging cycle and more. So iTools 4 can be used to reduce unwanted battery usage and manage the battery health with best concern.

File Manage from iTools Download

The file management of the iOS need more care as Apple has not offered any default features to it. But with iTools Free you are free from the troubles as there you meet an exclusive File management feature to organize, edit, add/remove and do more as your requirement.

iTools image Tool Option

With the special iTools image tool option you can preview the images with the original resolution it takes and with full capabilities to share among Windows and Mac desktop PCs. And for the notable fact, you can share to more than just a one PC at once. Additionally, the image tool also lets you organize image files, create orders, make or remove albums, move images to different folders, try advanced edits and more.

iTools 4 download

iTools Ringtone Maker

As above stated, there are some exclusive features with iTunes that are in wanting of iTunes. And this is one of them which are interesting customization features to iPhone, iPad and iPod. With this, you can make your own ringing tones with your own recording or mash up of the favorites clips and can put it as one of the originals. And for more, you will also find more customization features like wallpapers changes, screen saver settings with iTools as it offers a special section for desktop management.

Icon Arranger from iTools

The icon manager is another interesting tool within iTools which helps you to try changes in the way your screen looks. With this you can arrange icons of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via Windows PC or Mac and can even remove through the desktop.

Complete Review to iTools 4

iTools 4 is the perfect alternative to Apple’s own iTunes to lead through complete iOS management. You can use iTools 4 upgraded version through all Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices with support of either a Windows PC or Mac. The complete iTools program comes inspired by iTunes but with more features and functions. It prioritizes the user's ease and available for the user as full freeware. So iTools 4 is simply everything you want for complete iOS management. Embrace the change over iTunes and experience everything to the best with iTools updated support.

iTools 4 download

iTools 4 PC Version- Windows and PC support

Having a desktop management program for your iOS is recommended by Apple for which iTunes exists. But if you find it is a bit more of complications and require through specific arrangements, you may lose interest and confidence. And that is where the best free alternative iTools 4 comes bundling all the essential features and functions for the complete iOS management. You can Download iTools 4 as a desktop program with support through both Windows PC and Mac.

The most significant benefit of iTools 4 over iTunes is its simple build and supporting work-frame. In concerned the work frame, iTools features Windows-style while iTunes comes in a library-style structure. So iTools is more comfortable to eyes and supports functions like drag and drop for more comfortable reach. And also, iTools 4 is speedier and more flexible over iTunes. This is because iTunes is a relatively extensive program that involves more resources. So if you want your backups to be faster, data to migrate speedier, upgrade the software quicker, iTools 4 PC Version is perfect support. It merely could monitor through everything iTunes is responsible within iOS management. But iTools 4 is more straightforward and lays on better user-ease in every phase.

Download iTools 4 Windows - Complete Guide

The latest version of iTools is iTools 4, which supports through Windows (32bit and 64-bit) for the highest iOS management support. You can now get the newest version iTools 4 Windows up to Windows 10 with guaranteed stability and comfort. Just as you want to hear from us, iTools 4 Windows is now compatible through all iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices up to the latest having the latest iOS 12.4.1. So, iTools 4 is the solution for all iOS users for clean and smooth iOS management. And most importantly, there is nothing to get messed of as iTools 4 requires nothing above choosing iTools as your iOS management solution.

As iTools Download is supporting through both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, you can connect the iTools program with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and also Windows 10 latest. And it does not care about the state of iOS jailbreak of the device you use.

  • Make sure you confirm iTools 4 support with the iOS firmware, device and the PC version
  • Download iTools 4 for Windows PC
  • Run the installer with the screen instructions to install iTools 4 on Windows PC
  • Connect the device with the PC using a proper cable
  • iTools will automatically detect the connected iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • So you can now enjoy iTools 4 features under separate titles

Is iTools 4 failed in the connection?

iTools 4 is coming in an improved work frame with a guaranteed responsive rate. So it connects with all the devices successfully. But due to various minor concerns, iTools 4 would sometimes take time. Make sure you keep the appliance for several minutes until iTools detects. But in case if it comes up with an error or goes unresponsive, we recommend refreshing the connection. Make sure to disconnect and reconnect the device while the iTools 4 is accessing from a Windows PC.

Why iTools 4 Download?

If you are new to iTools 4 download, you may wonder why it is when you have iTunes by Apple. Yes, that is reasonable to question. But if you learn through all iTools 4 features, you will undergo why is iTools 4 Download.

  • iTools data migration- if you are planning to switch the device to a newer, the first thing to concern is migrating data. And here with iTools 4, you can safely migrate data from older to the new device with less time and effort. It supports files of any formats like PDF, images, audio files, videos and more through iTools 4 Windows or Mac
  • Download iTools 4 for Windows PC
  • iTools Battery master- preserving your device battery to the best, iTools 4 comes with an exclusive battery management feature. It will act like the dashboard of the device’s battery, giving you the complete status updates. It includes battery capacity, boot voltage, battery SN value, charging cycle, current-voltage and more
  • Icon arranger- another feature from iTools is icon arranger through which you can arrange and place icons on iPhone, iPad, and iPod in the way you desire
  • File Manager- iTools offers a supporting file manager feature with all in one management. You can arrange your files orderly while experiencing easier edits, adding, removing, etc
  • Ringtone Maker- this is one of the exclusive features to have from iTools that you cannot access from iTunes. And with this, you can set your ringtones on the iPhone with the same support on official ringtone options
  • iTools Airplayer- this feature supports the user with a massive screen experience. You can watch movies, play games and do more on the big screen with iTools 4 Mac and Windows
  • Customization options- with iTools, you can enjoy customization options so quickly on the device through iTools Mac or Windows. So you can set wallpapers, ringtones, themes and more easily here with iTools 4 Download
  • iTools image tool- you can enjoy the iTools image tool here with the program through which you could preview any image in the original resolution. And this feature lets you share the image with multiple PCs at once at the same time enjoying more image organizing functions
  • Backup and Restore- this is one of the primary iTools 4 features supports the user to the highest. iTools could make faster backups and restore them safely. It includes application backups too in a click

What is next, iTools 5?

iTools 4 has been a big topic over iTunes for years, offering the most supporting features and functions for the complete iOS management. Itools 4 is the perfect program that takes your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the highest-supporting management techniques. It includes almost everything essential making you no more look into iTunes with its complications. Luckily, we will be able to see iTools 5 as the succeeding chapter to iTools 4 in the days ahead. And that will be a bigger hit on everything you loved from iTools so far. So be ready for advanced backups, better files monitoring, more image tools, faster data sharing, supporting desktop handling, and so much more.

The developers of iTools Thinksky is active in bringing more updates to the tool frame. Although it is uncertain about dates and things, we could hopefully look at iTools 5 succeeding iTools 4. And that will definitely be more flexible also concerned on more compatible through devices and firmware.

iTools 4 is a must-have program on your Windows PC or Mac to have the best iOS experience on iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If you do agree, leave your sincere comments about your experience to free iTools Download.

iTools 4 Download FAQ

Is iTools 4 same to iTunes?

iTunes and iTools are two different programs but shared similar features. When iTunes appears the official Apple solution for all kinds of iOS management, iTools comes as an alternative for those who wish to take a look over Apple’s official way. Almost all the key specifications come in iTunes finds in the iTools interface too. But if you choose iTools free Download, you would be benefited with its most notable less-complexity feature which I suppose the main reason drags more user towards it.

What iTools 4 can do?

All features of iTools will be explained soon after the description here where I wish to take you through a quick roundup first. Simply iTools Free Download agree making complete backups and super restores, all desktop management, synchronize data, manage firmware upgrades/downgrades, keep the eye on battery run, all file arrangements and so much more. And as the software iTools is made to make user more ease of use, it is supportive for all kinds of editing, making notes, mark on calendar and do everything in the need of management. So rather than sticking with iTunes where everything is more complicated, head to iTools Free Download with the upgrade of version 4.0.

Are you ready to try out iTools 4.0?

iTools 4 is the latest major upgrade to the iTools software that contains a number of important updates. So anyone willing to try out iTools is recommended the latest, which would be better in support at the same time hosting a number of improvements. But remember it can only work through the Desktop PC either with Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) or Mac.

Highlights of iTools 4?

Everything comes in the iTools 4 Download are well polished and enhanced for the best functionality. Among them the capability of converting mp3 into mp4 is here improved. And now you can transform video files into mp4 better and speedier than previously at the same time with optimized sharing capabilities.

Additionally, the program comes with no plugging or ads that make your work interrupted. So the updated iTools 4 makes things easier and smarter working to the exactly need of the user having an iOS management app installed. For more, the new iTools 4 add better support for iBooks which would be music to those who makes your smart device a source of reading.

What are devices compatible for iTools 4?

Almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod variants are working with iTools 4. If I state in details, devices as the iPhone 1, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S iPhone 3rd Generation, iPhone 3 GS, and iPad 1, iPad 2 and all the later devices. And with iTools 4.0 it is now supported to latest iOS 11 software covering all the devices that supports the firmware download. But here you need to note that, iTools compatibility varies due to the device models and the software each of the device takes.

Does iTools work on Jailbroken Devices?

With no difference jailbreakers and none-jailbreakers can use iTools Download. If you are jailbroken, iTools would offer exclusive options for that too in keeping all the system files under proper management.

What are good and bad in iTools 4 - Pros and Cons

Everything has both good and some failures. But here in iTools 4 we find all about good as it is a supportive software for all iPhone, iPad and iPod variants. In fact, it offers all iTunes related features for iPhone management, comes in a complete free and manageable interface, allowed amazing feature upgrades that are not available through Apple’s iTunes, helps in super backups/restores and etc.

While iTools 4 comes with so much productive and useful for the user, there are some slight cons just like with everything. In fact, iTools comes a little slow in some cases when you are using over hours. And at the same time, the lack of access to the iTunes is another con coming in the iTools which has not yet fixed through the iTools 4 latest upgrade.

iTools 4 availability for Windows and Mac

iTools 4 support both Windows and Mac. In brief, the system requirements are as follows,

  • Windows XP to Windows 10 and also including Vista
  • Mac OS X 10.7 and later

As with the Desktop PC availability, you can install iTools 4 completely free. After the installation on the desktop, you need connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod device to the PC from which you need to go with “Apps” option which will switch you to the menu options. Then go with “Install” at the bottom and get the IPA file of the app which need to be installed. If done, you can enjoy the features within iTools interface complete free and easy.

Tips on iTools 4 Mac

Connecting to iTools via Mac will let you easily manage things. If you need transferring data, making backup, desktop management or etc, you will be able to accomplish within minutes and with no tiresome directs like Apple’s iTunes.

Tips on iTools 4 Windows

Just like on Mac, iTools 4 Windows too come in an improved frame with complete support for file management, data transferring, and all other as stated above. So you no longer need worrying of syncing your iDevice with the Computer as iTools here offers the best connectivity supporting all Windows Operating system versions.

Final words on iTools 4

iTools 4 is the latest trend of the iTools software which comes as the best alternative for Apple’s own iTunes. So liberating you from all complications could face in the times of iTunes, iTools 4 Download here comes pack of so many fascinating features. In fact, it contains upgrades in all sides with match to the all-users' requirements.

When talking about the features with iTools, we find a lot that meet in the eyes. If I start from the favorites, they are as backups, restores, desktop management, advanced data transferring, customization features like ringtone maker, firmware upgrade/downgrade facility, file management features and etc. So above iTunes, iTools has so much to fall in love with. And as every feature comes free to the user, you do not need panic on any purchases. At the same time, iTools is completely safe in use as it does not impact on any private information or data than just involve in data transferring, editing as to your need. Additionally, iTools is available for both jailbreakers and none-jailbreakers with no change on the impact. So start handling everything in the smartest way with latest iTools 4 Download and Install.

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